Is This for Me?


The Paradise Retreat is suitable for anyone open to exploring mindfulness on the yoga mat and out in the water while  immersing themselves in an exotic location to find their sense of calm, focus and inner balance


  • Are you leading a stressful lifestyle and in need of some time out?

  • Are you overdue for self-care time away to recharge your mind, body and spirit?

  • Are you looking for that perfect escape to a magical location to unwind and re-balance your state of mind?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this retreat is for you!



You do not need to be a regular yogi or a whiz at riding waves to benefit from The Paradise Retreat as all activities will be catered towards individual needs and are suitable for all levels of experience. Yet no activity is compulsory and we encourage you to enjoy your yoga holiday in any manner you wish, whether it be participating in the entire program or choosing what works for your mind, body and energy levels


  • Are you ready to immerse in tropical serenity and reconnect with yourself?

  • Are you open to exploring a balanced program of yoga, meditation and time out in the water?

  • Do you appreciate a holiday where everything is organised on your behalf by local experts?

  • Do exotic destinations and discovering new cultures appeal to you?

If you answered yes to the above, then this retreat is definitely for you!



More than just a yoga retreat, The Paradise Retreat provides a wholesome program of twice daily yoga and meditation, opportunities to learn to surf and stand up paddleboard as well as sightseeing and cultural activities that will help you discover the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka

Bike rides, excursions to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and world renowned tea estates, long lazy days at the beach and discovering peaceful Buddhist temples are all part of The Paradise Retreat experience! See our main page for the full list of inclusions.