“The Paradise Retreat was exactly what I needed and nourished the parts of me that I didn’t even know needed nourishing. Rachi and Ramone genuinely care about your wellbeing and will have you going home feeling relaxed, restored and peaceful. This experience should be a regular prescription for anyone with a busy life. Thank you Rachi and Ramone from the bottom of my heart!”

– Carly Gordyn (Canberra, Australia)

“I came into The Paradise Retreat feeling burnt out, depleted and frustrated. I’m leaving the retreat feeling the most energised I have in years, with a heart full of joy and a clear head. Rachi and Ramone can be granted full trust to take care of you and all your needs to bring you to a space of peace, contentment and appreciation”

– Claire Allen (Canberra, Australia)

“Thank you Ramone and Rachi for being so organised, helpful and friendly and for your patience and care when we got lost or sick. I enjoyed the great mix of exploring the country and meditative yoga and feel we managed to get a real taste of Sri Lanka and still unwind and spend some time removed from the every day. Maya is a great location with friendly and attentive staff and great food. Thank you for a great week”

– Stefan Knollmayer (Melbourne, Australia)

“I’m sure others will comment on how beautifully everything was put together and the yoga nourished our souls- but I would like to vouch for your flexibility and care in the face of the unexpected! Thank you for looking after me and being so flexible when I was sick- it was honestly like having family looking after me and I felt very safe and reassured. I have had a great time (despite being sick) and very well rested. I also loved that The Paradise Retreat was a cultural experience as well as a yoga retreat. Thank you Rachi and Ramone for a very special week!”

– Reiko Take (Melbourne, Australia)

“The Paradise Retreat came to me at the right time in my life and healed my head and my heart, all the while showing me JUST how beautiful Sri Lanka is. I wouldn’t be half the happy person I am today without this time with Rachi and Ramone in September 2016. I couldn’t recommend the Paradise Retreat more. As a yogi newbie, it was perfect because they never made me feel less skilled and instead, really praised me on the progress I made throughout the week. The wonderful cultural experiences of eating hoppers as much as possible, being blessed by monks, walking the markets, riding tuk-tuks and seeing elephants in the wild (plus a cheeky mongoose called Monty!) were priceless. Thank you so much for healing me “

РAmanda Summons (Canberra, Australia)

I started the week feeling exhausted, over worked, depleted and excited knowing that my mind and body would be balanced after the week ended. The Paradies Retreat offered me everything I dreamed of- beautiful food, relaxed environment, plenty of rest, restoration and great energy. Thanks for all the effort put into making my week the perfect paradise escape”

– Kirra Rankin (Canberra, Australia)

“What an amazing week! Ramone and Rachi look after your mind, body and soul- this has definitely been a week that I will never forget. The Paradise Retreat is just that- paradise. I’m planning my next one already”

– May 2016 retreat participant

“What a wonderful experience! Everything was just perfect. Well done Ramone and Rachi for organising such a special holiday!”

– May 2016 retreat participant

“The Paradise Retreat soared high above my expectations. I can’t imagine a more serene and charming location for a week of disconnecting from the daily hustle and bustle. Rachi’s organisation, observance and diligence ensures that you’ll never need to think beyond what dessert you’ll be eating next. Ramone’s passion, love and knowledge of yoga and meditation are unmatched by the very best of yoga instructors. The staff at Maya are fantastic- kind, sweet and ready to cater to your every desire. I can’t say enough about this experience. This has been one of the most relaxing, peaceful and awakening weeks of my life!”

– Claire Vincent (Virginia, USA)

“Thank you Rachi and Ramone for organising The Paradise Retreat. The yoga and meditation practices were amazing. The villa and the service was very luxurious. My highlights were the delicious Sri Lankan food, fresh daily coconuts and seeing elephants on safari. I’m leaving feeling refreshed and relaxed with a new outlook on life!”

– May 2016 retreat participant

“Perfect location- quiet, peaceful and tranquil. Connecting with nature while practicing yoga is blissful. Staff at Maya are so helpful and attention to detail is perfect. A great combination of Rachi’s organisational skills and Ramone’s yoga teaching made this a special week for me”

– May 2016 retreat participant

“What an amazing retreat! I’ve reconnected to body and mind in a beautiful location while also getting to visit some wonderful parts of Sri Lanka, experience it’s culture and delicious food. Thank you so much Ramone and Rachi for a truly memorable and life changing week!”

– Laura Turner (Canberra, Australia)

“I came in to this retreat not sure what to expect but it was amazing. The ultimate relaxation and recharge and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your priorities. The perfect balance of rest and activity, nurturing and delicious food with the most amazing yoga by Ramone and tour guiding by Rachi. Thank you!”

– May 2016 retreat participant

“The Paradise Retreat was definitely an opportunity to ‘rest, restore and explore Sri Lanka’. Every little detail was taken care of, however the week was still flexible to meet our needs. Rachi and Ramone were amazing hosts and I can not thank you both enough for an amazing week”

– May 2016 retreat participant