About Us

My name is Rachi Perera and I am your host and the founder of The Paradise Retreat

I was born in Sri Lanka where I spent my childhood before moving to Australia in the mid nineties. Sri Lanka has stayed front and centre in my mind over the last twenty years as I travelled back and forth between the two countries regularly.


I’ve had first-hand experience of the devastation of the civil war that engulfed my motherland in nearly three-decades of terror. I personally felt the collective grief of a nation that had just begun to recover from that past only to be destroyed by the 2004 tsunami. Yet Sri Lankans have remained resilient. The country has rebuilt from tragedy and heartbreak to emerge as a tourism hotspot with the likes of The New York Times, Condé Naste Traveler and Lonely Planet all naming this tiny island nation as one of the must visit destinations of 2016. This makes me proud to call myself Sri Lankan and The Paradise Retreat is my contribution to the growth and development of Sri Lanka through sustainable tourism.


Despite all the international tourism attention, Sri Lanka still remains undiscovered and mysterious. It is a country with so much to offer, yet best experienced through local eyes. My cultural background and past experiences have lead me to master the local way of life, traditions and the language as well as all the best places to visit, eat, stay and things to do. This is The Paradise Retreat Difference. I pride myself in my heritage, local knowledge and professional network within Sri Lanka to provide you with an exclusive and unparalleled retreat experience. My commitment is to lead you on an unforgettable journey of a lifetime in the beautiful paradise island of Sri Lanka.


In 2017 I am delighted to be collaborating with talented and passionate international yoga instructors to bring you a yoga holiday like no other!


April & September 2017: Collaboration with Emma Sheridan

Emma’s decision to become a yoga teacher grew from experiencing first hand the huge mental and physical benefits of yoga, and a desire to share this with others. Leaving her busy London life behind she trained in Thailand 6 years ago, and since then has led classes and retreats in studios and centres in Belgium, Ireland, Morocco, The Philippines, India, Dubai, Malaysia and Sri Lanka!


Continuously inspired by the mind, body, spirit connection, she went on to train in India for her 500 hr advanced teaching certification, and continued to teach and travel the world, before recently finding the place she now calls home on the South Coast of Sri Lanka!


Her passion for movement, promoting wellbeing, and deepening connections to Self and Spirit, inspires unique, fun and energetic vinyasa classes that focus on linking breath with mindful flowing movement. Her restorative and yin sequences are designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Emma is guided by the belief that this is a practice about self care, balance, and feeling energetic and at ease as we travel through life!


“Yoga has been an immense teacher and gift in my life. It has given me a profound sense of purpose and connection to others.Through my own practice I began to understand and learn how to live with, embrace, and accept my body and my personality, as well as, how to recognise and live with my conditioning. It has unlocked an entirely new energy, creativity, passion and joy and this is what I hope to inspire and nurture in all that come to the practice”


Emma will be offering strong, powerful morning Hatha Vinyasa practices tailored to all levels of ability and deep, relaxing afternoon yin yoga sessions. Meditation, pranayama and special workshops will be incorporated in order to make your time at The Paradise Retreat a rejuvenating and healing experience.



Future Collaboration Details Coming Soon!

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